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Dedicated to the preservation of all life on earth!

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Aquaculture Program

Learn all about aquaculture. In addition to offering ocean clean-up and animal rescue services, we provide you with a way to become an expert on marine life and learn how you can protect our fish and plant life. Call World Sea Life Foundation.

The World Sea Life Foundation is beginning to offer an aquaculture 101 course at local schools, as well as private classes outside of a school setting. We are currently breeding corals and other endangered species. We want to share our knowledge with you. Our owner, started breeding sea creatures at a young age, and sees it as a way for children and adults to possibly start a new career.

Educational Seminar

What the World Sea Life Foundation is all about and how we rescue animals, clean the ocean and preserve life. We also provide brochures explaining how you can help us with these efforts.

Contact us, to learn
more about our
aquaculture classes available to the public.